Dans Pernoud


Fred Barcons, General Manager of Pernoud Group will attend the conference about the Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 in Bratislava on October 27th.

The presentation will be focus on the company experience in robotics and automation, especially through its own evolution and how to move from a Mold Maker company to a Plastic Solutions Integrator?


beincpps          MOLD CE              one-shot


It will provide some overviews of our Slovakian plant (Pernoud Mold CE), our H2020 project BEinCPPS (http://www.beincpps.eu/) and our new innovation LSR gasket overmolding which will be shown at K2016 exhibition.


Presentation time: October 27th, 2:00 pm-3:30 pm