Our US subsidiary’s mission is to sell injection molding tools made in France for plastic industry, to promote Pernoud’s innovative technologies and to make them accessible on the American continent.

Our unique target is the automotive market and more particularly the under hood plastic parts.

History of GPNA


Creation of the Georges Pernoud North America Inc. subsidiary located in Chicago (IL) to export in the US the Multitube and the Multi-Process Molds technologies.


Partnership with TEAM 1 Plastics, molder located in Albion (MI) for Pernoud tool trials.


Moving to new premises in Troy – Detroit (MI) to be closer to the purchasing, technical and Research & Development centers.


Partnership with Liberty Molds, American mold maker located in Portage (MI), for the maintenance and repair of Pernoud tools.


Participation at the NPE show in Orlando (FL) to promote our E-Tooling application: a smart, connected and full electric mold.

Our business

Our main customers are the Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry who manufacture under hood parts for air and fluid transfer systems.

We develop innovative technologies for molding such as our Multitube and Multi-Process Molds (MPM).

Where are we?


Thierry Marotin

+33 683 625 659


Air Duct Ford Transit


Multitube mold in 1+1 cav., transfer of parts by robot, metal inserts, injection molding machine 420 tons, production in Argentina.

Mold in 1 cav., injection molding machine 300 tons, production in Albion (MI).

Turbo Duct Elbow Ford


Valve Housing Bypass Ford


Mold in 2 cav., injection molding machine 350 tons, production in Mexico.

1 soft tooling in 1 cav.

Turbo Lower Duct Ford


Water Outlet Nissan


Mold in 2 cav., injection molding machine 750 tons, production in Wallworth (MI).

Mold in 2 cav., injection molding machine 300 tons, production in Prichard (WV).

Filter Ford