The main focus of the Pernoud Group in North America is to provide premium plastic injection molds, improving mold processes and productivity.

Our primary customers are the Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry who manufacture under hood parts for air and fluid transfer systems.

With our tooling, we can develop innovative technologies such as our patented Multitube molds and Multi-Process molding (MPM).

Georges Pernoud R&D allows us to offer solutions for improving upon existing molding processes:

  • Co-design of plastic parts
  • Cross-functional integration from metal to plastic
  • Conformal cooling of the tool by laser sintering

The Multitube®, an Innovative Technology :

  • By eliminating post molding operations such as welding on plastic parts
  • Validated according to the automotive specifications
  • Series production programs on Ford, Fiat, Mercedes and Audi
  • By using standard resin, injection molding machines, end of arm tool
  • Developed as part of the productivity and cost savings
  • By allowing an investment pay-back less than 1 year
  • Improved internal quality (reject, cleanliness, tightness)
  • Removal of in-progress and simplified management of spare parts
  • Appropriate for typical functions Air duct , Water duct, Turbo duct, Air Filter, Air Intake Manifold

Examples of eligible Multitube® projects :


Examples of Multitube® in mass production :


Air duct I4 Ford Transit, mold in 1+1 cavities, transfer of parts by robot, metal inserts, injection press 420 tons, production in Argentina

Water duct Fiat Idea + Muse (long version), mold in 2+2 cavities, transfer of parts by robot, production in France


Water duct Fiat MDE (short version) mold in 2+2 cavities, transfer of parts by robot, production in France

RAS – BP duct Mercedes M230 Program, mold in 2+2 cavities, production in France


Different steps of multitube® technology