Design and Manufacture of molds for plastic injection
Design and Manufacture of molds for composites
Manufacture of tools for die casting

Since 2000’s, the economic conditions and the consumer habits are changing, the products are available in different versions. The mold, a mass production tool, must get used to these new constraints.

Our business is evolving towards more flexible production costs (internal and outsourced) leading to more complex project management and increased logistics.

Our goal today is to provide our customers with a service in France and worldwide combining a budget “à la carte”.

Our services in France and worlwide


Research Center accredited (product, process feasibility analysis / innovations) – France

Co-design and project management – France

Design office for 2D drawings and technical folders – France / India

Manufacture of mold bases – Portugal

Manufacture of mold components – Slovakia / China / Portugal

Design and Manufacture of tools – France / China / Portugal

European integration of Low Cost molds

Our strengths

Organized in project cells, like our Customers, we have the knowledge and the skills to propose complete plastic solutions integrating the tool, the injection molding machine, the automation and all the necessary means to ensure the required quality.

We became a single key contact for a global service including the guarantee of the Pernoud Group.

Our business markets

More than 1 600 molds have been produced for business markets such as automotive, electrical, building, connectors, home appliances, army and aeronautics.

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