The concept of service is the foundation of our organization. 15 years ago, recognizing the specificity of this activity, we created a dedicated structure and specific resources for this activity.

This human commitment to be always available 24h / 24 – 7/7 and diagnosis of accuracy (experts), thanks to our technical skills and experience. We are present in France and Slovakia.

Pernoud Services France

Our unit in France consists of two production sites. Our customer culture allows us to consider a customized service around the following products :

  • Repairs
  • Rehabilitation of hot runners
  • Renovation after disaster (water, fire, …)
  • Expertise, improving
  • Modifications
  • Maintenance contracts For After Sales Service
  • Training for molds maintenance (level 1 and 2)
  • Cryogenic cleaning (in our workshop or directly on your machines)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Laser welding
  • Integration of tools from all sources (including LCC)
  • Repair services on site with possibility of a technical support (workshop truck)

Pernoud Services Slovakia


Our unit in Slovakia has for mission to figure out a Technical coaching in « Central Europe ».

Services that we have developed are similar to France (included the integration of tools from all sources up to 15 tons).


Dry ice is from the CO2 conversion process (carbon dioxide) as a solid. It is also called dry ice. Dry ice has a significant cooling capacity. Temperature of -78 ° C allows to keep frozen products without oxidizing.

  • Cryogenic Cleaning surfaces
  • Controlled temperature transport
  • Refrigeration of food for mixing and blending
  • Catering
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Winemaking
  • Sports Medicine
  • Events (Special Effect, Smoke …)

3 types of ice produced :

  • Block (210 × 150 mm area) / (10 to 60 mm thickness)
    Used in transport under controlled temperature and for Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Pellet / Spaghetti (diameter: 3 mm)
    Used in the Cryogenic Cleaning and conservation of products in the cold
  • Stick (diameter: 16 mm)
    Used especially for the conservation of products in the cold.

PERNOUD SERVICES delivers Dry Ice in containers and insulated containers to minimize sublimation and maintain the highest quality of the Dry Ice for more than a week. We also offer a bagging service of Dry Ice in plastic bag to prove the presence of CO2, for hygiene, for more protection and more safety.

Different types of insulated containers used in relation to the amount of ice transported (Made available for free) :

160-200 – 320-400 and 700 kg

NB: for small capacities (eg, 25 kg), use of polystyrene containers non-reusable.

Containers isothermes

Key Benefits of Dry Ice

  • Natural product “green”
  • Turns into a gas (sublimation)
  • Leaves no residue, no moisture, no pollution
  • Temperature: – 78 ° C
  • 2 times the refrigeration capacity of the wet ice to identical weight
  • Odorless
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Bacteriostatic atmosphere that protects refrigerated products of oxidation and thus preserves their quality


Cryogenic Cleaning is a process of projecting the carbon dioxide (CO2) in solid form on contaminated surfaces to clean them.

We offer just a single solution to meet your needs.


The principle of Dry Ice blasting is based on three effects :

  1. The effect of the impact created by the projection of Dry Ice
  2. The effect of thermal shock allowing the release of the impurity layer to be cleaned
  3. The effect of micro explosion: Dry Ice is transformed immediately in gas to permit the evacuation impurities

For Cryogenic Cleaning two types of ice form are available :

  • Block  (210 × 150 mm area) / (10 to 60 mm thick)
  • Pellet / Spaghetti (diameter: 3 mm)

the benefits of cryogenic cleaning

  • Cost reduction
  • Protection / Lifetime of material
  • Completely dry process
  • Environmental protection

Example of industrial sector using this process

Plastics / Rubber

Without the need to disassemble or cool molds, Cryogenic Cleaning removes all accumulated dirt.

Examples of use : cleaning of grains, cleaning of parting line, cleaning without contact ( hot molds, appearance parts etc..)