Based on using the definition of the part, innovation in the design of tooling, precision in execution and optimization in performance, the company culture is fully expressed.



Convinced that evolution is the synergy of skills, we federate experience and specializations on the following processing techniques :

  • Thermoplastic injection
  • Thermoset injection
  • Compression of thermosetting and composites
  • Injection rubbers
  • Blow molding (2D and 3D)


Recognized by the profession for over 25 years as a specialist in molds for the cross-functional integration of under hood parts, from metal to plastic, we affirm our commitment to the warranty period (number of cycles) and by the clear productivity (cycle time) in fluid transfer systems (water, air, fuel)


  • Resonators and turbo chargers
  • Water inlet & outlet
  • Air intake manifolds
  • Headers & Fuel Pumps
  • Air filters
  • Air ducts
  • RAS-BP ducts
  • Surge tanks



Evolution and complexity of surface finishing are pushing back the borders of today’s manufacturing capabilities. Constantly setting ourselves new goals, our Partnership with the European Pole of Plastics allows us to implement innovative solutions.

  • Fuel flaps
  • Car door handles
  • Door mirrors
  • Instrument panel units
  • Loudspeaker grids
  • High gloss door pillar


Our development in the building market is motivated by opportunities related to a progressive replacement of metal parts into thermoset parts, processed by injection or compression. Our technical experience allows us to implement innovative and mastered solutions :

  • Pumps
  • Circulators
  • Water meter
  • Industrial safety helmet
  • Firefighter helmet
  • Gas mask components

MULTITUBE® Innovation / PERNOUD Patent


An example of innovation project carried out by our Research and Development Department: The MULTITUBE® process. It allows the molding and assembly of several elements by overmolding linked zones. The process is carried out within the tooling, each cycle delivers a finished product. Possibility of using a standard injection molding machine or bi material. The movement of the components is done by robot or rotative plate.

The advantages are :

  • Productiveness and cost savings
  • No additional operation (welding)
  • Cleanliness
  • Quality of assembly (tightness)
  • No operator intervention
  • A resin gain

MULTITUBE® Innovation / Video