In Pernoud


«Demonstration of Dry Ice Blasting ( cryogenic cleaning) on Stand H27 Hall 6.1 by the Team of PERNOUD Services…»

Since 1971, PERNOUD Group designs and manufactures molds for the injection of technical plastic parts especially in the Automotive, Building and Transportactivities.

The concept of service is the foundation of our organization.10 years ago, aware of the specific nature of this activity, PERNOUD Group created a dedicated structure and specific resources: PERNOUD Services.

It is above all human commitment to always be available and the accuracy of diagnosis by mold Experts that guide the daily life of this activity.

PERNOUD Services has 2 plants (France and Slovakia) and offers the following benefits:

· Troubleshooting 24/24 on-site (workshop truck)
· – Rehabilitation in its facilities (renovation after disaster)
· Care and maintenance levels 1, 2, 3 and 4
· Expertise, modification and improvement of tools from all sources
· Dry ice cleaning and ultrasonic