Different technologies offered, such as stamping,
compression and pre-preg overmolding

Oil sealing at 250°C Cooling channel optimization PRE-PREG STAMPING Vacuum sealing at 330°C Cooling channel optimization Dimensions and fitting of the cooling plates COMBINED STAMPING Kinematics to stamp the parts in different steps STAMPING OF COMPLEX FORMS Compression chamber kinematic Design with dilation anticipation Oil sealing at 350°C Friction management (treatment, Ra, etc) Thermal bridge management THERMOCOMPRESSION OF FLAKES (OR COMPOSITE GRINDING) Compression chamber kinematic Friction management (treatment, Ra, etc) THERMOCOMPRESSION OF UNUSUAL MATERIALS Sealing at 400°C (resin and water) Dilation management Sensors in a very hot environment INJECTION COMPRESSION OF CONTINUOUS FIBERS / C-RTM TP Compression chamber kinematic Sealing at 400°C Surface treatment Management of resin impregnation in a vertical wall INJECTION COMPRESSION OF CONTINUOUS FIBERS ON 3D PARTS Very high and low temperature in the same mold Kinematic to hold very thick sensors PRE-PREG OVERMOLDING Inserts overmolding Slider holding INJECTION OF THERMOSET RESINS
The Georges Pernoud Group is an international French mold maker located in France and USA.
Its headquarters are in the Plastics Valley / France.

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0 M€

1 700 tools designed and manufactured

since 1971
(300kg -> 20T)


ISO 9001 version 2015


Research Center since 2011

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